Inspiration behind the 'Glass Collection'

Inspiration behind the 'Glass Collection'

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What is it about color that makes us happy? Is it the brilliance of lemon yellows and aqua blues or the quiet calm of white and gray? Is it that we smell grass in the greens and feel cool water in the blues?

The inspiration for the recent 'Glass Collection' came from my cache of beautiful glass baubles purchased from a glass artist in my hometown and, like a magpie, I just couldn't stay away from them. These bright, shiny objects needed to come home with me and become something more.

Why do I love these so much? Why does anyone love anything? Because it makes them happy. These colorful and shiny glass treasures remind me of sunny skies and abstract art, of running water and being in the ocean. I love the way they feel in my hand; smooth and cool between my fingers. Some people carry a little stone in their pocket as a remembrance or as a Worry Stone, a small trinket to rub when you're feeling anxious or nervous. I like the idea of wearing it around my neck or wrist, so I can have it there at all times if needed, pulling double-duty as a lovely piece of jewelry.

The collection of glass hair ornaments are great for summer French braids and buns where just a hint of color does dark hair justice.

Have you looked into these pieces yet? What do you see in them? What do they make you feel? 

I'd love to know which one calls to you and what you see in it. Please share it with me through email or in the comment section.


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