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Mesquite Cuff Bracelet
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Mesquite Cuff Bracelet

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Note: This is a made-to-order product. It can take up to 7 business days to ship.


Solid sterling silver cuff bracelet textured with a southwestern design. Lightly oxidized with a charcoal (darkish gray) colored patina to highlight the details.

It's a thick bracelet with a solid feel on your arm. Wears well alone or layer it with smaller bangles or cuffs. 

The imagery of this bracelet is like fields of low-growing mesquite bushes in the West Texas scrub desert.

I can remember tramping and crashing through those bushes while doing field work for my Structural Geology class in college. Everyday for a week we would walk the hills of Big Bend NP looking for geological formations to add to our maps so we could understand how the place formed over the millennia.

When I wear this piece, I think of that time in school, with friends, having fun outside while doing our work. We formed some intense bonds during those times and it felt like life was simpler, even though it never really is.

Gender neutral: This cuff is a solid piece for women and an unobtrusive piece for men.


  • Wire dimensions: 10 x 2mm
  • Length: Custom
  • 1 inch gap between hammered cuff ends

Please enter your desired cuff size below prior to adding this item to your cart.


Measure your wrist all the way around with a fabric measuring tape. Like a more snug fit? Order a half inch smaller than your wrist measurement. Like a more loose fit? Order the exact size of your wrist. For example, my wrist is 6 inches around but I prefer a 5.5 inch cuff because I don't like my bracelets to move around too much.

If this is a gift, 6" is average for women and 7" is average for men.

For your wrist measurement, see this journal post.

I do not offer engraving or stamping on these bracelets.