Hammered Thin Bangles
Hammered Thin Bangles
Hammered Thin Bangles

Hammered Thin Bangles

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Note: This is a made-to-order product. It can take up to 7 business days to ship.


Effortless, thin bangle made of half-round sterling silver wire; a very sturdy piece of jewelry. These particular bangles are textured giving them a shimmery, light-catching appearance, especially when polished!

  • They look fabulous when worn with 3 or 4 at a time. Choose your preference of a single bracelet or a set of three. 
  • Wire dimensions: (3.25 mm wide x 1.62mm thick).

    Please enter your desired diameter size below. This will be the INSIDE diameter of the bracelet. 

    For your hand measurement, see this journal post.


      For your hand measurement, see this journal post.

      Bangle sizing is about the HAND, not the wrist. Bangles are a solid circle that the hand is slipped through so it moves around on the wrist/arm.

      If you currently own any bangles that fit well, measure the INSIDE diameter of those and that will be your size. Otherwise, squish your hand together as though you are putting on a bangle, then measure around the widest portion of your hand with a fabric tape measure and divide that number by 3.14 for your size.

      It won't be terribly accurate, but will give you an idea. For example, I wear a size 2.5 but my measurement comes out to 2.38-2.46. See this post about hand measurements.

      Measuring in cm? (Inch = cm/2.54).

      If you find you need a size 2.25 or 3 inch, please contact me.